New club on Rembrandt square
Best Cocktails!
Come visit us and try our new special cocktails. Only available only in our Club.
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Back to the Roots

In the main center of Amsterdam on Rembrandtsquare you will find a new nightclub that goes back to the Roots!! The music variade from modern hard techno to famous DJ’s.

Great Drinks

At the Roots Club we serve excellent drinks. Our skilled mixologist blend classic cocktails and innovative creations for a unique experience.  From our signatures cocktails to wines and beers there is always a perfect drink for someone. Whether you’re here for a casual evening or a celebration, savor the moment at the Roots Clubs. 

Great Music

The music in the Roots Clubs is different every night. Every now and then we have a themed evening with a unique genre. The music can variate between modern hard techno to famous old DJ’s. Come visit our Club in the Rembrandt Square.

Great Dancing

Come dance with us in the Roots club. Where the music leads our feets on the dance floor. The energy flow and where people have fun. 

Come visit us

We opened a new club in rembrand square. Come visit us and enjoy your night at the Roots Club.

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